About us

Kumpel translates to friend or mate. At Kumpel™ we celebrate the uniqueness of our four-legged companions with carefully handcrafted pet accessories. We are a conscious business seeking to bring benefit to pets, human beings, and the environment by crafting functional, high-quality products, providing attractive job opportunities in underprivileged communities, sourcing materials locally whenever possible, being environmentally conscious in everything we do, and supporting animal welfare organisations.

We believe that business is about so much more than making a profit. We want to be part of the positive changes we would like to see in the world and conduct business in a responsible, mindful and intentional manner where no one loses out. We create high quality products that not only bring joy to our customers and their four-legged companions, but also uplift communities and are kind to the environment.

Mélanie Hrabar, Director & Founder


All our products and product display units are made by people living in disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

Staff are paid decent living wages to break the cycle of poverty.


Our pet-centric designs focus on comfort, functionality, high-quality and safety of pets.

We are a passionate supporter of animal welfare organisations. With every purchase you make, we donate a percentage to a selected NPO.

All our pet models are rescue dogs.


Most of our materials such as webbing, fabrics and threads are manufactured locally.

Packaging is kept to a minimum & is plastic free.

To minimize material wastage, we donate flawed products that do not meet aesthetic quality standards but are functional and safe to use to animal welfare organisations.